Introducing the PD-PRO Series

Featuring the powerful 4G image intensifier tube at its core

The PD-PRO series redefines the night vision goggle standard

By utilizing innovative 16mm and Hybrid-18mm image intensifier tubes each PD-PRO device is the smallest and lightest system available to the market. Each system has been uniquely designed to provide night vision operations with a significant advantage when conducting operations by using our state-of-the-art 4G image intensifier tubes.

PD-PRO-Q Panoramic Goggle

Specially designed to give Special Forces and SWAT Teams a notable advantage when conducting operations, the PD-PRO-Q Panoramic night vision goggle is an innovative approach to a better night vision experience.

Heavy systems may be a primary factor in head, neck and shoulder strain and in many cases can impact a user’s ability to maneuver within an operating environment. The PD-PRO-Q addresses this issue by using an innovative hybrid-18mm 4G image intensifier tube which allows for the system to be lighter and smaller than its 18mm cousin.

Photonis Defense’s PD-PRO-Q system features a powerful 4G image intensifier tube at its core, equipping each PD-PRO-Q device with our evolutionary 4G technology that detects 30% more of the visible light spectrum from 350nm to 1,100nm.

The PD-PRO-Q is only available within the US from Photonis Defense or our network of authorized distributors.

Soldier wearing PD-PRO-Q night vision goggles with panoramic features
SWAT officer wearing PD-PRO-16B night vision binocular during night operation

PD-PRO-16B Binocular Goggle

The PD-PRO-16B system is uniquely designed to provide operators with a significant night vision advantage when conducting operations.

At the core of the system is a high-performance 16mm 4G image intensifier tube that is equipped with our evolutionary 4G technology. The use of a 4G 16mm image intensifier tube within the PD-PRO-16B allows the system to not only be smaller and lighter than it’s 18mm cousins but also gives it a unique advantage in performance. The ultralight nature of the PD-PRO-16B reduces swing weight and size allowing operators using a night vision device to move quicker and see faster. The PD-PRO-16B is ideal for use in military operations, urban conflict, and environmental/border protection operations due to its unique size and capabilities.

All PD-PRO systems, including the PD-PRO-16B, are only available in the US from Photonis Defense and our network of authorized distributors.

PD-PRO-16M Monocular Goggle

Pocket sized and powerful, the PD-PRO-16M night vision monocular was created for everyday use.

The PD-PRO-16M night vision monocular sets a new standard for system size by using an innovative 16mm 4G image intensifier tube. The use of a 16mm tube allows the system to be smaller and lighter than it’s 18mm cousins while still providing exceptional clarity, crispness, and contrast in low-light environments.

4G image intensifier tubes utilize our proprietary 4G technology to provide the smallest and most transparent halo around the brightest objects, advanced ultra-fast auto-gating that responds to lighting changes 3x quicker than the blink of an eye, and the ability to use laser designators or illuminators that are not visible to standard industry night vision goggles. The PD-PRO-16M is the perfect choice for night vision users and enthusiasts who want a lightweight, small form factor , and powerful night vision device.

Each of our PD-PRO devices are only available within the US from Photonis Defense or one of our authorized distributors.

Man in the woods wearing camouflage clothing and holding night vision monocular to his eye
Soldier performing a cliff jump, repelling in conditions of darkness

Operator Designed & Proven

Night vision operations take place all over the world, in extreme temperatures and unforgiving conditions. Our PD-PRO Series systems are designed in conjunction with combat-hardened operators who wanted smaller and lighter systems without the added weight of multiple add-on devices.

The PD-PRO series is not only smaller and lighter but it also features a native out-of-band (above 1,000nm) capability all within a housing that can stand up to operations in some of the toughest environments worldwide.

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